It’s true! In life, you have a lot of choices. You get to choose what you want to eat, who you want to be, who you want to spend your time with, where you’ll live, what job you’d like to have, what degree you’ll get, what you choose to wear, and so on. However, we believe that one of the most important choices that you have in your life is how you react to situations.

Have you ever broken something on accident? Have you ever knocked a water over on an electronic device? Your phone? Your computer? Ruined it?

Have you ever backed your car into your friend’s car? Or a tree that you swear jumped out of nowhere? Stubbed your toe? Dropped something valuable? Burnt your favorite dinner?

Okay, if you haven’t done any of the above, we need to learn from you! But seriously. We are certain that you have made mistakes by accident. We are certain that you have had moments of frustration and times where you really wished you could have gone back to the 5 seconds before the act or decision was made and just change course to ensure that you didn’t break something, back your car into someone else’s, burn dinner, etc.

However, what you did is life. Life happens. Accidents happen. You are human and you make mistakes. WE ALL DO! The secret to living this mistake and accident-prone life is how you react to each situation that you’re in!

So, you backed into your sister’s car. DANG! That really, truly does absolutely stink. So, maybe get mad for just a minute, but then, let it go. It was an ACCIDENT! Accidents happen and how you handle the moment and the situation will determine the quality of life that you live. So, if something super stressful happens to you… it’s okay to get upset! But then, remember that life goes on and no one was hurt. Shake it off, tell your sister, and get through it!

All we are saying is, what life would you be living if after everything negative that happened in your life, you broke down, got upset, crawled into a dark place for days or weeks? By the time you worked through it, something else is bound to happen!

We aren’t saying that bad things will happen to you nonstop in life. BUT, they will happen. And, we know as well as you do, it seems like bad things come in pairs. So, the sooner you learn to roll with it and pick your chin up off the floor, the better you’ll be. And oh, what a positive outlook you’ll have on life! If you want someone to talk to you can contact us here.