Think you might be pregnant? You have options! At Ridgeway Women’s Clinic, we are your next step when it comes to an unplanned pregnancy.

Our caring, knowledgeable staff can discuss your options with you and provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision. Your health and happiness matter to us.

What Are Your Options?


Considering the option of abortion? Abortion is one of your multiple options. If you are considering abortion, you should know the risks involved. Get clarity about this option to make an informed decision moving forward. Abortion is a serious medical procedure with risks to consider. 

Common risks of medical abortion include infection, incomplete abortion, and heavy/prolonged bleeding. Surgical abortion risks include injury to the cervix and uterus and scar tissue formation. Confirm your eligibility with a pre-abortion evaluation today.


Adoption is one of your pregnancy options when it comes to an unplanned pregnancy. Though it seems like a hard decision to make, adoption could be the best thing for your pregnancy.

Here is some information about the adoption option and what types of adoption plans you can choose from. These days, you, as the birth mom, have more control over what you want to do with your child and what kind of relationship you want to build.

Our compassionate team offers more resources and education about the adoption option if you want to learn more!


Questioning whether you are capable of raising a child or not? It’s important to ask yourself some questions before deciding on this option. Ask yourself tough questions like…

  • Will my parents and partner support me?
  • How will my job/education change with parenting?
  • Will I be able to support my child financially?
  • What resources are available to help me raise a child?

We offer more information about the parenting option at Ridgeway Women’s Clinic. You can get all your questions answered by our knowledgeable staff. We are here for you.