Health insurance companies will not pay for your girlfriend’s medical procedures or health services unless she is on your insurance plan. 

How Can I Extend My Insurance Coverage?

To be on your insurance plan and have the abortion pill covered in Illinois, there must be an established legal financial obligation, such as marriage or domestic partnership. 

Both planning to get married and establishing a domestic partnership are serious decisions that should not be taken lightly. Has marriage been mentioned as a long term goal prior to the pregnancy news? Can you envision spending the rest of your life with your girlfriend? 

Take time to think these questions through before deciding to go this route.

How Else Can I Support My Girlfriend?

1. Help Her Research Insurance Plans

If you don’t plan to get married or establish a domestic partnership anytime soon, you can help her research and enroll in a health insurance plan.

To receive insurance coverage, she can…

  • Apply for Illinois Medicaid if she’s low or very low income
  • Become a dependent on a parent’s health insurance plan (If under a certain age)
  • Enroll in employer health insurance
  • Shop for individual health insurance

2. Help Her Research Insurance Plans

There are many organizations in Illinois providing medical services for no cost, and we are one of them. Regardless of insurance status, Ridgeway Women’s Clinic offers free Pre-Abortion Evaluation, Options Consultation, and Pregnancy Confirmation Appointments. 

Our licensed medical professionals specialize in serving pregnant women in Freeport, Illinois. Read more about our medical services. If you’re not located near Freeport, you can help her find other organizations similar to ours.

3. Emotional Support

Emotional support should not be overlooked. 

Your girlfriend could value this more than any financial support. Talk with her about the pregnancy, accompany her to appointments, and ask her about her feelings. Be there for her and listen to her throughout her pregnancy.

Pregnancy Services Without Insurance Requirements

Ridgeway Women’s Clinic can provide your girlfriend with pregnancy services even if she doesn’t have insurance coverage. 

Your girlfriend can schedule a free and confidential appointment today. All appointments come with a free pregnancy test and ultrasound (if the test is positive). After, she will know how far along she is and all of her pregnancy options. 

This information will help keep her safe as you both make an informed choice together.